Who We Are

The Inland Empire Health Information Exchange (IEHIE) gives healthcare providers immediate access to a state-of-the-art electronic health records network. The IEHIE technology allows doctors, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare providers to electronically review and access medical records, resulting in timely, safer and improved quality of healthcare for the patients in our community.

The IEHIE is a collaborative of Riverside, San Bernardino and other California County hospitals; medical centers; medical groups; Independent Physicians Associates (IPA’s); physician practices; health plans; public health agencies; and other healthcare providers. The IEHIE brings needed technology to access and securely share electronic patient health records to more 158+ participating locations in the Inland Empire and other communities.

Hospital Beds


Inland Empire HIE strives to achieve a robust clinical data set to increase the patients longitudinal record which contributes high quality of care.


The Inland Empire HIE is a self-sustaining model with high market share and rich functionality provided at low participation cost to our providers.


Our platform vendor data centers follow stringent security procedures according to regional standards. Network,application, information, physical and process security are all examined to meet the standards required to guarantee a secure service to our customers.


Our platform vendor data center hosts state of the art infrastructure that supports high performance and high availability requirements. The solution spans primary and secondary data centers, to create a comprehensive disaster recovery environment.

HIE Partners

In our efforts to increase interoperability across California and other areas, we understand that local markets will have different business needs for their patients, so we have partnerships with the listed HIE’s that provide the necessary support and business needs of the local constituents.